Vanessa Blakeslee
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~ Available now from Curbside Splendor ~
The highly-anticipated debut novel from the acclaimed author of Train Shots

Praise for Train Shots: stories ~ 
Winner of the 2014 IPPY Gold Medal for Short Fiction
& Long-listed for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award

"Evidently, Vanessa Blakeslee was somebody’s big secret until now. I just don’t know how they kept her from us or why they would. No one writes this good the first time out, do they? Train Shots is more than a promising first collection by a formidably talented writer; it is a haunting story collection of the first order. I was flat knocked out. Blakeslee's range and confidence are astonishing. I can’t forget these beguiling and unsparing stories and I don’t want to. They are exhilarating to read; some are breathtaking and achingly beautiful, others will keep you up at night. When I finished Train Shots, I walked around for days seeing the world through its lens. Do yourself a favor, buy this book, get in on the secret before everyone else knows what you soon will: here is the future of contemporary fiction." -John Dufresne, author of No Regrets, Coyote

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"A harrowing, international coming-of-age story, Juventud is unforgettable, erotic, and suspenseful. I was willing to follow the protagonist Mercedes anywhere; into the Cali nightclubs, to her shooting lessons, into bed with her lovers, and to the dangerous activist meetings and rallies that mark a point-of-no-return in her adolescence. This novel is part political thriller, part love story. It kept me up at night and that's the highest praise."—Patricia Henley, National Book Award Nominated author of Hummingbird House and In the River Sweet

"Vanessa Blakeslee's remarkable debut novel takes us inside Colombia through the eyes of Mercedes, a privileged half-Colombian girl who leaves the safety of Papi's hacienda to embark on a life touched by disappointment and splendid achievement. Her story echoes the conflicts of our twenty-first century's transnational, uneasy global culture."—Xu Xi, author of Habit of a Foreign Sky

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